Drone Technology For Your Vehicle...

In 2014 world produced nearly 90 million vehicles which shown 2.6% increase from the previous year. In 2013 road injuries resulted 1.4 million deaths compared to 1.1 million in 1990. One causing factor for automobile oriented catastrophes is human error. What can we do to decrease this number?

Did you ever think a Drone can be your companion while you are behind the wheel (of course it's not from United State Air Force). Which is GPS enabled and will follow the car where ever you go. It may have a camera with night vision also. Guess you want to see the road conditions one thing you can do is to use your navigator or just you can send your drone to sky. It may fly ahead and show the road condition from the LCD panel in your dashboard.

Lot of drivers don't know that there is a magic wand just under the steering wheel so you can indicate the way you are turning to the other drivers. But don't bother about that now. Since your drone is linked with the your car's navigation system drone will do it for you.

Imagine that you are in a busy parking lot and need to find a place to park your vehicle. What can you do? Should you roam around the parking lot to find a vacant place? No more. Launch your drone. It will fly around and using the sensors and complex algorithms select a place to park. It will also transmit the information to  your navigation system so you can drive directly to the spot.

Guess you are driving behind a 16 wheeler in a narrow road and you want to get rid of the giant. Can you just overtake the truck? Not a good idea for conscientious driver. But your smart friend can calculate the truck's speed and also show the pictures of your blind spots. So you can decide when to overtake the truck.

Sometimes you may have to park your vehicle in a not so good neighborhoods. So you can assign your vehicle's security to your drone. It will not shoot the vandalizers but it will sure record everything happening around and you can access the video streaming through your mobile. Drone and its camera can be controlled from your handset and if anyone touch the vehicle drone will immediately send a SMS to your mobile phone.

Introducing Drone technology will be a break through in automobile industry. But till now no car maker introduce a concept or production model with a drone. So let's see what will happen in the future..


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