Google Loon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka my motherland  is very famous for it's golden beaches, tasty food and great hospitality of it's inhabitants. But today we are not going to talk about any of these. Few days ago Google took it's first step for a giant project which will make Sri Lanka the second country to be fully covered using LTE technology just after Vatican City.

What is Loon Project ?
Project Loon is a network of balloons located at the edge of space which help to establish internet connections for the people who live in rural areas. According to what google said it's aim is to reach the 2/3 of population who have no access to internet. These balloons will float in the stratosphere which is twice as high where airplanes fly. You may wonder how these balloons travel one place to another. The magic behind in these balloons are they maneuvered by adjusting their altitude in the stratosphere to float to a wind layer after identifying the wind layer with the desired speed and direction using wind data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

So Far in Sri Lanka
Last year June Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka and Google Signed MOU at temple trees (Residence of Sri Lankan Prime Minister) for the project. So few weeks back first 'Floating Telecom Tower' was launched and on 14th of February Muhunthan Canagey ICTA's chief tweeted that the balloon entered the Sri Lanka's airspace.

Safe Landed or Crash Landed? 

On 18th of February local medias reported that balloons were 'crash' landed to a tea plantation at Gampola area Sri Lanka. News programs telecast footage of crashed balloon and other electronic devices been sacked to near police station by villagers.
But the ICTA's Muhunthan Canagey  and MP Harin Fernando denied these allegations. They said that balloon were safe landed and experiment was a success. Both Mr. Canagey and MP Harin Perera tweeted about the situation.

What Next?

There are rumors that another balloon will be launched in few days. So ekadadasiya will bring latest news about the project soon. If this project succeed Sri Lanka will be the second country to be fully covered using LTE technology just after Vatican City as I said earlier. 

'Sri Lanka become the first country in South Asia to introduce Mobile phones in 1989 and the first to roll  out a  3G network in 2004. It was also the first in the region to unveil a 4G network two years ago"

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